Jharkhand’s chhau dancers and artisans take a battle stance against COVID-19

Paper mache seems like an unlikely weapon against COVID-19. Till you realise that in Seraikela, Jharkhand, chhau artisans are spiritedly pushing back against the virus using their skills to create fierce, but joyful, masks…..

For the Maskbook campaign, how artists world over are using protective masks as canvasses for creativity

The Maskbook COVID-19 campaign has assembled artists from across the world, including Chhau mask makers and Mithila painters, to display their art forms and creative expressions on protective masks being used in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak……..

India’s tribal artists produce face masks to fight coronavirus

India has over 200 million artisans from various states who produce a variety of folk and tribal arts and crafts. Since India’s lockdown against the COVID–19 pandemic folk organisations like the Kala Chaupal Trust have worked closely with tribal artisans whose craft businesses and microeconomics have been devastated due to the pandemic…….

Odisha’s ancient art of Pattachitra struggles to find its feet after Cyclone Fani

The day Fani hit his village, Raghunath Das was not home. He was at the village’s sole two-room guest accommodation interacting with “guests” who were there to learn pattachitra. Raghunath is among the 817 residents of the 142 homes wrecked by Cyclone Fani on May 3, in Odisha’s Raghurajpur…….