Creative Communities

Creative Communities from a vital part of India’s micro economy. They are an important link between art, cultural, heritage and sustainable commerce.

It’s time we recognize and appreciate the cultural intellect of the artisan communities that remains unseen and unacknowledged on many occasions.

The artisans procure and use materials that are directly available in the environment around them, these are mostly natural, and hence non polluting and sustainable. Using natural material, helps reduce carbon footprint, making manufacturing processes for handcrafted products more environment-friendly. The artisans and the traditional craft sector embraces this ideology, reducing the environmental impact while producing handcrafted products. 

A product handcrafted by artisan symbolizes effort, love, value and meaning which a mechanized product can’t, and therefore it carries special significance.

Moreover, the richness of these crafts is a major contributor towards the culture of our nation.

Let’s support our creative communities and artisans as they strive to keep alive the age old traditions and techniques in a fast paced mechanized world. Let’s go vocal for local, spread awareness and encourage people around us to buy handmade products in support of sustainable commerce, supporting artisans and promoting our culture.

#bevocalforlocal, #supporttheartisan #shopsustainably

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