Hand-crafted Wall Clocks: Lets you keep on time

Home décor is an essential need for modern homes today, it is essential because how we decorate our homes can influence all aspects of our lives. Our homes reveal who we are and what is important to us to the rest of the world. Our living environment can have an impact on our physical and mental health. Our homes are also places where our families, friends, and loved ones congregate. Home decor is also important because how we live and decorate our homes becomes an extension of our personal identity.

One of the most crucial elements of home décor is decorating your walls. Decorating your walls offers so many great opportunities to showcase your style and artistic interests. There are many wall decor options that can make your home seem totally unique. Each wall in your home is a blank canvas, and it is up to you to decorate it with your imagination.

The best way to make your wall décor unique and classy is to decorate your wall with wall clocks. You can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind wall display with only wall clocks, rather than decorating your wall using wall art, mirrors, and clocks. Hand-crafted wall clocks are an outstanding choice to decorate your walls. The best options for hand-crafted wall clocks are from Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan, such as:

Handmade Leather wall clocks from Andhra Pradesh are beautifully meticulous handcrafted wall clocks. These handmade clocks are made by leather puppet-making artisans from Andhra Pradesh.

The leather puppetry of Andhra Pradesh is amongst the oldest shadow puppet traditions. It is a medium of entertainment, of sharing and transmitting folklore, and of communicating information and knowledge. Most leather puppets were, and continue to be, influenced by the social context around the artists. These clocks are hand-painted in colors as brilliant as its creator’s leather puppets, with an intricate and well-defined pattern. These exquisite clocks will fit seamlessly with your decor while adding character and meaning to your space.

Handcrafted Muster Wall clocks from Rajasthan are made of wood and brass. Muster wall clocks are a unique combination of two very different materials and crafts, wood and gold leafing. These clocks are handcrafted by woodturning and then a unique pattern of gold leafing is added on its surface. Muster clocks provide a handcrafted art that will add a charm to your walls and will tell you time in style. These clocks are art with purpose.

Handcrafted Aevum Wall Clock from Rajasthan is a perfect blend of two very different materials, Sheesham wood, and brass metal. The thal created by the thathera artisans of Jaipur city gives it the desired royal feel which the city is inherent in it. Within these walls of the pink city, the aevum wall clock has been handcrafted by metal beating technique, thus giving it a traditional feel and using a highly polished minimalist design of Sheesham wood which makes it contemporary. A wall clock like this is a must for a home to complete its look.

Handcrafted Facet Wall Clock from Rajasthan is a perfect example of a contemporary designed product. The play of wood texture is very interesting and adds aesthetic value to any wall. The wood finish is used in this wall clock is eye-catching and makes it look absolutely stunning.

These Hand-crafted Wall clocks will surely tell you the time in style and will make your walls look absolutely unique and stunning. You can explore these handmade wall clocks on Shop Chaupal.

Nandini Jhingran
Nandini Jhingran

1st year undergraduate student at the Jindal School of Art and Architecture. Intern at Shop Chaupal- to learn about India’s Art and Culture.

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