Leather from Kutch- A Craft Heritage

The Dalit Meghwals of Rajasthan migrated to Kutch, bringing leather craft with them. The main techniques of leather craftsmanship in Kutch are Jari Kaam and Torni. These traditional and age old techniques are used in the production of modern products like shoes, bags and other accessories. Kutch leather is very well treated and durable and the craftsmen use real silver threads to bind the pieces of leather together. Emerging, cheaper factory-made products in the local market have caused the local value chain to become fragmented. Many artisans are leaving leather craft, opting to work in factories. Local leather craft is losing its high quality, adopting a cheap, kitschy aesthetic that satisfies regional tourism.

Buy a craft which holds value and help it survive. By buying products handcrafted by artisans, you’ll be helping their families as well as the traditional crafts to sustain. 

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