Sandalwood Craft and the Jangids

Rajasthan is known for its diverse art and craft sector as well as its scenic beauty. Rajasthan’s sandalwood and woodwork are as well-known as the state’s stunning scenery. Different sorts of woods can be found throughout the state, allowing artisans to test their talents and abilities. Furniture, decorative objects, toys, and household goods include the…

Wooden Doll: Carving legacy of Natungram

The state of West Bengal is endowed with multi-crafting abilities. At every entrance gate, carving can be found. A warrior and a high-status household need to have a wooden carving at the entrance of the gate or door. A stunning wooden carving may be found at the village’s main entrance. Human figures, animals such as…

Kashmiri Heritage – Papier Mache, Handcrafted with Love

This sustainable handmade makeover of paper in Kashmir was instituted around the late 14th
and early 15th century. One of the great sultans of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abidin, while he was still a
prince in captivity in the glorious city of Samarkand had observed the art of ornamentation of
smoothened surfaces that were made of waste paper pulp.